All-volunteer organization

where calling and passion collide

Who We Are

We love animals young and old

We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to rehabilitate the injured, old, deaf, orphaned and neglected animals in and around the Western Cape.

this is what we do ... this is our calling , our passion and our full time job

What We Do

Roscan Dog Sanctum provides Care for the following

  • The old, blind, deaf, abandoned and sick
  • The ones with issues who will never find a forever home
  • Almost any domestic / farm animal
  • Adoption cases; after rehabilitation
  • Adoption cases; after rehabilitation

We Have Recently Started Roscan lost & found for humans

We teach them

  • carpentry skills (our residents produce hand crafted furniture)
  • animal husbandry (we have pigs, geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and dogs)
  • farming skills (we plant our own crops)
  • interpersonal relationship skills

We are, at the moment, providing for 10 adults and 57 dogs. To continue to provide to the community and the surrounding areas of Cape Town, we need to increase our infrastructure to provide improved and increased housing. We would also like to start helping the community with skills development and upliftment programs. We live a self-sustained lifestyle, completely off the grid and all services are self-supplied. Our current system capacity is very small, and we would like to expand it to grow our facility which will enable us to accommodate at least another 20 humans and 40 animals.

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How to get in touch?

As a result of living on a farm, our cell phone reception is really bad for voice calls

Please make use of Whatsapp or sms's